Lizard Head Peak, WY




Prominent Features:
Wind River Indian Reservation, Bridger Wilderness, Popo Agie Wilderness, Bridger National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, Wind River Range, Continental Divide, Cirque of the Towers, Lizard Head Peak, Bears Ears Mountain, Mount Chauvenet, Valentine Mountain, Valentine Peak, Bair Peak, Camels Hump, Pingora Peak, Wolfs Head, Overhanging Tower, Sharks Nose, Block Tower, Watch Tower, Pylon Peak Warrior Peaks, War Bonnet Peak, Elizabeth Peak, Mitchell Peak, Dog Tooth Peak, Big Sandy Mountain, Payson Peak, Cathedral Peak, Jackass Pass, Texas Pass, Grave Lake, Spearpoint Lake, Loch Leven, Washakie Lake, Macon Lake, South Fork Lakes, Valentine Lake, Dutch Oven Lake, Moss Lake, Gaylord Lake, Cathedral Lake, Middle Lake, Smith Lake, Cook Lake, Cloverleaf Lake, High Meadow Lake, Cliff Lake, Papoose Lake, Lonesome Lake, Arrowhead Lake, North Lake, Shadow Lake, Billys Lake, Barren Lake, Texas Lake, Bear Lake, South Fork Little Wind River, North Popo Agie River, Moss Creek, Gaylord Creek, Grave Creek, Washakie Creek, North Creek, Sand Creek, Twenty Lakes Trail, Onion Meadows Trail, Bears Ears Trail, Moss Lake Trail, Valentine Mountain Trail, Gaylord Lake Trail, Lizard Head Trail, South Fork Lakes Trail, Washakie Trail, Big Sandy Trail, North Fork Trail, High Meadow Lake Trail, Smith Lake Trail, Cook Lake Trail.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Roberts Mountain, WY
N:      Washakie Park, WY
NE:   Moccasin Lake, WY
W:     Mount Bonneville, WY
E:      Dickinson Park, WY
SW:   Big Sandy Opening, WY
S:      Temple Peak, WY
SE:    Sweetwater Gap, WY

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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