Gannett Peak, WY



Prominent Features:
Bridger Wilderness, Fitzpatrick Wilderness, Bridger National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, Wind River Range, Continental Divide, Gannett Peak, Klondike Peak, Pedestal Peak, Mount Solitude, Flagstone Peak, Bastion Peak, Rampart Peak, Desolation Peak, Mount Koven, Gooseneck Pinnacle, Mount Woodrow Wilson, The Sphinx, Skyline Peak, Bobs Towers, Miriam Peak, Dinwoody Peak, Mount Warren, Mount Helen, Twin Peaks, Winifred Peak, American Legion Peak, Henderson Peak, Bondage Peak, Mount Arrowhead, Bow Mountain, Brimstone Mountain, Sulphur Peak, Stroud Peak, Split Mountain, Mount Whitecap, Lad Peak, Sky Pilot Peak, Mount Oeneis, Shannon Pass, Cube Rock Pass, Green River Pass, Vista Pass, Glacier Pass, Bonney Pass, Knapsack Col, Titcomb Lakes, Summer Ice Lake, Upper Jean Lake, Elbow Lake, Peak Lake, Golden Lakes, Stonehammer Lake, Iceberg Lake, Big Tourist Lake, Flagstone Lake, Desolation Lake, Lost Pipe Lakes, Scott Lake, Klondike Lake, Green River, Pixley Creek, Tourist Creek, Trail Creek, Wells Creek, Clark Creek, Gannett Creek, Fremont Creek, Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, Highline Trail, Titcomb Basin Trail, Shannon Pass Trail, Glacier Trail, Doubletop Trail, Summit Lake Trail, Clark Creek Trail, Gannett Glacier, Dinwoody Glaciers, Grasshopper Glacier, Sourdough Glacier, Mammoth Glacier, Helen Glacier, Fremont Glaciers.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Green River Lakes, WY
N:      Downs Mountain, WY
NE:    Ink Wells, WY
W:      Squaretop Mountain, WY
E:       Fremont Peak North, WY
SW:    Fremont Lake North, WY
S:       Bridger Lakes, WY
SE:     Fremont Peak South, WY

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