Fossil Hill, WY



Prominent Features:
Shoshone National Forest, Sinks Canyon State Park, Blue Ridge, Indian Ridge, Meyer Basin, Burnt Gulch, Randolph Gulch, Halls Gulch, Browns Canyon, Sinks Canyon, Table Mountain, Fossil Hill, Meyer Lookout, Freak Mountains, Bayer Mountain, Frye Lake, Middle Popo Agie River, Little Popo Agie River, Sawmill Creek, Fairfield Creek, Townsend Creek, Crooked Creek, Elderberry Creek, Spring Creek, Canyon Creek, Hidden Creek, Pass Creek, Beason Creek, Enterprise Ditch, Walker Ditch, Middle Fork Trail, Spring Creek Trail, Wolf Trail, Maxon Basin Cutoff Trail, Shoshone Stock Driveway, Blue Ridge Trail, Upper Brewers Trail, Lower Brewers Trail, Moose Gulch Trail, Aspen Grade Trail, Sinks Canyon Trail, Popo Agie Nature Trail, Fisherman Trail, Enchanted Forest Trail, Fossil Hill Trail, Fairfield Notch Trail, Lookout Trail, MT02 OHV Trail, Numerous Rock Climbing Areas, The Sinks, Bayer Park, Popo Agie Campground, Sinks Canyon Campground, Hugh Otte Dispersed Camping, Middle Fork Guard Station, University of Missouri Geology Camp, Blue Ridge Lookout.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Mount Arter, WY
N:      Mount Arter SE, WY
NE:    Lander, WY
W:      Cony Mountain, WY
E:       Wolf Point, WY
SW:    Christina Lake, WY
S:       Louis Lake, WY
SE:     Miners Delight, WY

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