Mount Skokomish, WA




Prominent Features:
Olympic National Park, Mount Skokomish Wilderness, Olympic National Forest, Mount Skokomish, Mount Stone, Mount Henderson, Mount Gladys, Mount Cruiser, Mount Lincoln, Copper Mountain, Mount Rose, Mount Ellinor, Mount Pershing, Lake Cushman, Flapjack Lakes, Black & White Lakes, Smith Lake, Mildred Lakes, Hagen Lake, Lake of the Angels, Wagonwheel Lake, North Fork Skokomish River, Copper Creek Trail, Staircase Rapids Trail, North Fork Skokomish River Trail, Wagonwheel Lake Trail, Mount Rose Trail, Mt. Ellinor Trail, Mildred Lakes Trail, Flapjack Lakes Trail, Black and White Lakes Trail, Smith Lake Trail, Putvin Trail, Staircase Ranger Station, Staircase Campground, Flapjack Lakes Campsite, Camp Pleasant Campsite, Nine Stream Campsite, Wagonwheel Campsite, Copper Creek Trailhead, Dry Creek East Trailhead, Mildred Lakes Trailhead.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Chimney Peak, WA
N:     Mount Steel, WA
NE:   The Brothers, WA
W:     Mount Olsen, WA
E:      Mount Washington, WA
SW:   Mount Tebo, WA
S:      Lightning Peak, WA
SE:    Hoodsport, WA

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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