Bridger Point, UT




Prominent Features:

Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument, Paria Canyon – Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, East Clark Bench, Flat Top, Bridger Point, The Rimrocks, East Cove, Jud Hollow, Cedar Hollow, Paria Canyon, Buckskin Gulch, Bridger Canyon, Shittum Wash, Little White Rock Canyon, Paria Canyon Trail, Buckskin Gulch Trail, Toadstool Route, Church Wells, Powell Springs, Clark Bench, Slide Rock Arch.

Adjacent Maps:
NW:  Fivemile Valley, UT
N:      Lower Coyote Spring, UT
NE:    Nipple Butte, UT
W:     West Clark Bench, UT
E:      Glen Canyon City, UT
SW:   Poverty Flat, AZ
S:      Wrather Arch, AZ
SE:    Water Pockets, AZ

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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