Phantom Ranch, AZ




Prominent Features:
Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado River, Granite Gorge, Phantom Canyon, Phantom Ranch Campground, Mather Campground, Yavapai Lodge, Grand Canyon Visitor Center, Bright Angel Canyon, The Box, North Kaibab Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Tonto Trail, Arizona Trail, Clear Creek Trail, Zoroaster Temple.


Adjacent Maps:
NW:  Shiva Temple, AZ
N:      Bright Angel Point, AZ
NE:    Walhalla Plateau, AZ
W:     Grand Canyon, AZ
E:       Cape Royal, AZ
SW:   Tusayan West, AZ
S:       Tusayan East, AZ
SE:     Grandview Point, AZ

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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