Mount Abbot, CA




Prominent Features:
John Muir Wilderness, Sierra National Forest, Inyo National Forest, First Recess, Second Recess, Third Recess, Fourth Recess, Silver Divide, Mono Divide, Pioneer Basin, Little Lakes Valley, Red and White Mountain, Mount Crocker, Mount Hopkins, Mount Stanford, Mount Huntington, Mount Starr, Mount Mills, Mount Abbot, Mount Dade, Mount Gabb, Recess Peak, Mono Rock, Red and White Lake, Ross Finch Lake, Grinnell Lake, Big and Little McGee Lake, Upper and Lower Hopkins Lakes, Steelhead Lake, Davis Lake, Hilton Creek Lakes, Pioneer Basin Lakes, Golden Lake, Ruby Lake, Long Lake, Little Lakes, Treasure Lakes, Gem Lakes, Upper and Lower Mills Creek Lake, Third Recess Lake, Fourth Recess Lake, Snow Lakes, Mono Creek, Hopkins Creek, Laurel Creek, McGee Creek, Hilton Creek, Golden Creek, Rock Creek, Mills Creek, Hilton Creek Trail, Hilton Lakes Trail, Mono Pass Trail, Ruby Lake Trail, Little Lakes Valley Trail, Mono Creek Trail, Golden Lake Trail, Pioneer Basin Trail, Steelhead Lake Trail, McGee Pass Trail, Hopkins Pass Trail, Laurel Lake Trail, Second Recess Trail, Third Recess Lake Trail, Fourth Recess Lake Trail, Morgan Pass, Gabbot Pass, Mono Pass, Hopkins Pass.

Adjacent Maps:
NW:   Bloody Mountain, CA
N:      Convict Lake, CA
NE:    Toms Place, CA
W:     Graveyard Peak, CA
E:       Mount Morgan, CA
SW:   Florence Lake, CA
S:       Mount Hilgard, CA
SE:     Mount Tom, CA

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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