Mormon Flat Dam, AZ




Prominent Features:
Superstition Wilderness, Four Peaks Wilderness, Tonto National Forest, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Salt River, Cottonwood Creek, Tortilla Creek, La Barge Creek, First Water Creek, Willow Creek, Goldfield Mountains, El Recortado, The Rolls, Hackberry Mesa, Battleship Mountain, Geronimo Head, Lower Soldier Camp Trail, Boulder Canyon Trail, Peters Canyon Trail, Butcher Jones Trail, Mesquite Flat, Apache Gap, Bulldog Canyon OHV Area, The Rolls OHV Area, Cottonwood Trailhead, Canyon Lake Marina, Mormon Flat Dam, Bagley Flat Campground, The Point Campground, Tortilla Campground.

Adjacent Maps:
NW:  Adams Mesa, AZ
N:     Mine Mountain, AZ
NE:   Four Peaks, AZ
W:     Stewart Mountain, AZ
E:      Horse Mesa Dam, AZ
SW:   Apache Junction, AZ
S:      Goldfield, AZ
SE:    Weavers Needle, AZ

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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