Cape Solitude, AZ




Prominent Features:
Grand Canyon National Park, Navajo Indian Reservation, Kwagunt Butte, Awatubi Crest, Chuar Butte, Temple Butte, Cape Solitude, Chuar Valley, Marble Canyon, Desert Facade, Palisades of the Desert, Little Colorado River Gorge, Malgosa Canyon, Awatubi Canyon, Sixtymile Canyon, Carbon Canyon, Lava Canyon, Basalt Canyon, Colorado River, Little Colorado River, Malgosa Creek, Awatubi Creek, Sixtymile Creek, Carbon Creek, Lava Creek, Chuar Creek, Cape Solitude Trail, Beamer Trail, Hayduke Trail, Lava Canyon Rapid, Sixtymile Rapid, Boater Campsites, 1956 Grand Canyon TWA – United Airlines Aviation Accident Site National Historical Landmark.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Point Imperial, AZ
N:      Nankoweap Mesa, AZ
NE:    Blue Moon Reservoir, AZ
W:     Walhalla Plateau, AZ
E:       Salt Trail Canyon, AZ
SW:   Cape Royal, AZ
S:       Desert View, AZ
SE:     Blue Spring, AZ

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Plain, Waterproof


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