Fern Glen Canyon, AZ




Prominent Features:
Grand Canyon National Park, Haulapai Indian Reservation, North Rim, Tuckup Point, Big Point, The Dome, Big Cove, Tuckup Canyon, Fern Glen Canyon, Stairway Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Willow Canyon, Big Point Canyon, National Canyon, Paradise Canyon, Colorado River, Tuckup Trail, The Dome Trail, Fern Glen Rapid, 164 Mile Rapid, Cottonwood Spring, Schmutz Spring, Willow Spring, Tuley Spring, Shaman’s Gallery.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:   Mount Trumbull NE, AZ
N:      Hancock Knolls, AZ
NE:    Hitson Tank, AZ
W:     Mount Trumbull SE, AZ
E:       S B Point, AZ
SW:    Vulcans Throne, AZ
S:       Gateway Rapids, AZ
SE:    Yunosi Point, AZ

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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