Cape Royal, AZ




Prominent Features:
Grand Canyon National Park, Mineral Canyon, Red Canyon, Basalt Cliffs, Horseshoe Mesa, Coronado Butte, Rama Shrine, Sheba Temple, Solomon Temple, The Tabernacle, Vishnu Temple, Freya Castle, Wotans Throne, Angels Gate, Dunn Butte, Cape Royal, Venus Temple, Apollo Temple, Newberry Butte, Hall Butte, Papago Point, Zuni Point, Moran Point, Colorado River, Unkar Creek, Grapevine Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Hance Creek, Papago Creek, Seventyfive Mile Creek, Escalante Creek, Vishnu Creek, Tonto Trail, Grandview Trail, Horseshoe Mesa East, West and North Spur Trails, New Hance Trail, Escalante Route, Cape Royal Trail, Hayduke Trail, Angels Window (Arch), Horseshoe Mesa Campsite, Sockdolager Rapids, Hance Rapids, Nevills Rapids.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Bright Angel Point, AZ
N:      Walhalla Plateau, AZ
NE:   Cape Solitude, AZ
W:     Phantom Ranch, AZ
E:      Desert View, AZ
SW:   Tusayan East, AZ
S:      Grandview Point, AZ
SE:    Grandview Point NE, AZ

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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