McKnight Mountain, NM


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Scale = 1:48,000. Contour interval = 80 feet. 15 Minute maps cover the equivalent geographic area as four 7.5 Minute maps.

Prominent Features:

Aldo Leopold Wilderness, Gila National Forest, Continental Divide, Black Range, Hay Mesa, Kelly Mesa, Spud Patch Ridge, McKnight Canyon, Powderhorn Canyon, Aspen Canyon, Bonner Canyon, Falls Canyon, Burnt Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon, Victorio Park Canyon, Water Canyon, Pretty Canyon, McKnight Mountain, Reeds Peak, Diamond Peak, Aspen Mountain, Sheep Mountain, Spring Mountain, Me Own Hill, Rocky Point, Granite Peak, Victorio Park Mountain, Cherry Mountain, Lake Mountain, Mud Spring Mountain, Moccasin John Mountain, Mimbres River, Las Animas Creek, Holden Prong, Sid’s Prong, North Seco Creek, South Seco Creek, Marshall Creek, South Fork Palomas Creek, Morgan Creek, Cherry Creek, Circle Seven Creek, Diamond Creek, South Diamond Creek, Sheep Creek, Squaw Creek, Continental Divide Trail, Black Range Crest Trail, McKnight Cabin Trail, Powderhorn Ridge Trail, Mimbres Trail, Middle Fork Mimbres River Trail, South Fork Mimbres River Trail, Squaw Creek Trail, Aspen Canyon Trail, Black Canyon Trail, Sheep Creek Trail, Me Own Trail, South Diamond Trail, Burnt Canyon Trial, Spring Mountain Trail, Turkey Park Trail, Diamond Creek Trail, Circle Seven Trail, Rattlesnake Trail, Squeaky Trail, Spud Patch Trail, Lake Trail, Seco Trail, Willow Spring Trail, Vic’s Park Trail, Murphy Trail, Animas Creek Trail, Curtis Trail, Water Canyon Trail, Pretty Canyon Trail, Sid’s Prong Trail, Negro Bill Trail, Animas Divide Trail, McKnight Cabin, McKnight Fire Lookout, Murphy Place, Battle of Las Animas Canyon Monument, Kelsey Place, Reeds Peak Lookout, Whitmore Cabin, Bloodgood Place, Cooney Place, Board Gate Saddle.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  Beaverhead, NM
N:      Lookout Mountain, NM
NE:    Sierra Cuchillo, NM
W:     Lower Black Canyon, NM
E:       Seco Creek, NM
SW:   Skates Canyon, NM
S:       Gallinas Canyon, NM
SE:     McClede Mountain, NM

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