15′ Rincon La Osa, CO




Scale = 1:48,000. Contour interval = 80 feet. 15 Minute maps cover the equivalent geographic area as four 7.5 Minute maps.

Prominent Features:

Weminuche Wilderness, Rio Grande National Forest, San Juan National Forest, Continental Divide, Ute Ridge, Indian Ridge, Mesa Lato, Weminuche Valley, Rio Grande Pyramid, Simpson Mountain, Weminuche Pass, The Window, Buffalo Peak, Peters Peak, Mount Oso, Table Mountain, Flag Mountain, Bald Mountain, Granite Peak, Dog Rincon, Grouse Rincon, Rincon La Vaca, Rincon La Osa, Snowslide Canyon, Cave Basin, Hell Canyon, Blue Spruce Canyon, Rio Grande Reservoir, Emerald Lake, Little Emerald Lake, Dollar Lake, Granite Lake, Divide Lakes, Ute Lake, West Ute Lake, Middle Ute Lake, Twin Lakes, Flint Lakes, Rock Lake, Moon Lake, Squaw Lake, Rio Grande, Los Pinos River, Weminuche Creek, Ute Creek, Flint Creek, Hossick Creek, Falls Creek, Sierra Vandera Creek, Little Sand Creek, Bear Creek, Lake Creek, Continental Divide Trail, Bear Town Trail, West Ute Trail, Ute Creek Trail, East Ute Trail, Weminuche Trail, Pine River Trail, Squaw Creek Trail, North Fork Trail, Skyline-Opal Lake Trail, Rincon La Vaca Trail, Rincon La Osa Trail, Snowslide Trail, Squaw Lake Trail, East Fork Weminuche Trail, Granite Lake Trail, Divide Lakes Trail, Sierra Vandera Trail, Flint Creek Trail, Lake Fork Trail, Pine-Piedra Trail, Sand Creek Trail, Shaw Creek Trail, Falls Creek Trail, Little Sand Trail, Cave Basin Trail, Hell Canyon Trail, Rock Creek Trail, Flint Lakes Trail, Poison Park Trailhead, Granite Peak Guard Station, Thirty Mile Campground.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  15′ Gladstone, CO
N:      15′ Carson Peak, CO
NE:    15′ Santa Maria Reservoir, CO
W:     15′ Needle Mountains, CO
E:       15′ Williams Reservoir, CO
SW:   15′ Forest Lakes, CO
S:       15′ Piedra, CO
SE:     15′ Pagosa, CO

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Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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