15′ Lavender Peak, CO




Scale = 1:48,000. Contour interval = 80 feet. 15 Minute maps cover the equivalent geographic area as four 7.5 Minute maps.

Prominent Features:

Hermosa Creek Wilderness, San Juan National Forest, Menefee Mountain Wilderness Study Area, Perins Peak State Wildlife Area, La Plata Mountains, Rampart Hills, The Hogback, Jackson Ridge, Bragdon Ridge, Ohwiler Ridge, Lavender Peak, Sharkstooth Peak, Centennial Peak, Hesperus Mountain, Mount Moss, Babcock Peak, Spiller Peak, Burwell Peak, Gibbs Peak, Helmet Peak, Star Peak, Madden Peak, Parrott Peak, Burro Mountain, Cumberland Mountain, Snowstorm Peak, Lewis Mountain, Baker Peak, Silver Mountain, Deadwood Mountain, Baldy Peak, Caviness Mountain, Menefee Peak, Maggie Rock, Kennebec Pass, Eagle Pass, Puzzle Pass, La Plata Canyon, Box Canyon, Hells Hole, Echo Basin, Silver Basin, Rush Basin, Cumberland Basin, Columbus Basin, Hay Gulch, Spring Gulch, Deadman Gulch, Roberts Canyon, Weber Reservoir, Taylor Lake, La Plata River, West Mancos River, East Mancos River, Middle Mancos River, South Fork Hermosa Creek, Bear Creek, Crystal Creek, Turkey Creek, Chicken Creek, Bear Creek, Lightner Creek, Parrott Creek, Cherry Creek, Starvation Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Horse Creek, Silver Creek, Colorado Trail, Highline Trail, Sliderock Trail, Sharkstooth Trail, Bear Creek Trail, North Fork Trail, West Mancos Trail, Owens Basin Trail, Big Al Trail, Rim Trail, Morrison Trail, Chicken Creek Trail, Box Canyon Spur, Coyote Park Trail, Ramparts Loop Trail, Memorial Trail, Starvation Creek Trail, Old Gold Run Trail, Aspen Loop OHV Trail, Aspen Spur OHV Trail, Basin Creek OHV Trail, Boren Creek OHV Trail, Bedrock Creek OHV Trail, Madden Creek Access OHV Trail, Madden Creek OHV Trail, Neptune OHV Trail, Narrow Gauge Ski Trail, Hesperus, Hesperus Ski Center, Fort Lewis, Thompson Park, Transfer Campground, Target Tree Campground, Kroeger Campground, Snowslide Campground, Jersey Jim Lookout.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  15′ Stoner Mesa, CO
N:      15′ Taylor Mesa, CO
NE:    15′ Hermosa Creek, CO
W:     15′ Summit Reservoir, CO
E:      15′ Durango, CO
SW:   15′ Soda Canyon, CO
S:      15′ Fort Lewis, CO
SE:    15′ Lake Nighthorse, CO

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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