15′ Hermosa Creek, CO




Scale = 1:48,000. Contour interval = 80 feet. 15 Minute maps cover the equivalent geographic area as four 7.5 Minute maps.

Prominent Features:

Hermosa Creek Wilderness, Hermosa Creek Wilderness Special Management Area, Weminuche Wilderness, San Juan National Forest, Sliderock Ridge, Tin Can Basin, Purgatory Flats, Hermosa Park, Hermosa Cliffs, Engineer Mountain, Jura Knob, Flattop Mountain, Hermosa Peak, Harts Peak, Blackhawk Mountain, Whitecap Mountain, Grayrock Peak, Graysill Mountain, Castle Rock, Bolam Pass, Coal Bank Pass, Electra Lake, Haviland Lake, Columbine Lake, Potato Lake, Dolores River, Animas River, Hermosa Creek, East Fork Hermosa Creek, Cascade Creek, Elbert Creek, Lime Creek, Colorado Trail, Rico-Silverton Trail, Engineer Mountain Trail, Deer Creek Trail, West Lime Creek Trail, Engine Creek Trail, East Fork Trail, Graysill Trail, Cascade Creek Trail, Spud Lake Trail, Pass Trail, Coal Creek Trail, Purgatory Trail, Animas River Trail, Elbert Creek Trail, Dutch Creek Trail, Pinkerton-Flagstaff Trail, Goulding Creek Trail, Little Elk Creek Trail, Hermosa Creek Trail, South Fork Trail, Neglected Trail, Salt Creek Trail, Big Bend Trail, Ryman Creek Trail, Highline Trail, Corral Draw Trail, West Cross Creek Trail, Butler Trail, Old Scotch Creek Trail, Blackhawk Trail, Circle Trail, Twin Sisters Trail, White Creek Trail, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Tacoma Power Plant, The Glacier Club, Haviland Lake Campground, Chris Park Group Campground, Upper Hermosa Campground, Sig Creek Campground, Purgatory Resort, Cascade Canyon Wye.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  15′ Woods Lake, CO
N:      15′ Sunshine Mountain, CO
NE:    15′ Gladstone, CO
W:     15′ Taylor Mesa, CO
E:       15′ Needle Mountains, CO
SW:   15′ Lavender Peak, CO
S:       15′ Durango, CO
SE:     15′ Forest Lakes, CO

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