15′ Vishnu Temple, AZ




Scale = 1:48,000. Contour interval = 80 feet. 15 Minute maps cover the equivalent geographic area as four 7.5 Minute maps.

Prominent Features:

Grand Canyon National Park, Navajo Indian Reservation, Kaibab National Forest, South Rim, North Rim, Walhalla Plateau, Marble Canyon, Kwagunt Valley, Desert Faćade, Palisades of the Desert, Little Colorado Gorge, Malagosa Crest, Malagosa Canyon, Awatubi Canyon, Sixtymile Canyon, Temple Butte, Chuar Valley, Carbon Canyon, Lava Canyon, Basalt Canyon, Basalt Cliffs, Tanner Canyon, Cardenas Canyon, Asbestos Canyon, Red Canyon, Mineral Canyon, Wotans Throne, Roosevelt Point, Banta Point, Kibbey Butte, Brady Peak, Jeffords Point, Cochise Butte, Gunther Castle, Duppa Butte, Hutton Butte, Swilling Butte, Colter Butte, Tritle Point, Kwagunt Butte, Awatubi Crest, Chuar Butte, Galeros Butte, Siegfried Pyre, Hubbell Butte, Poston Butte, Chiavria Point, Carbon Butte, Chuar Lava Hill, Naji Point, Juno Temple, Lava Butte, Jupiter Temple, Venus Temple, Apollo Temple, Cape Final, Francois Mathes Point, Honan Point, Thor Temple, Cape Royal, Freya Castle, Ochoa Point, Angels Gate, Dunn Butte, Hall Butte, Newberry Butte, Krishna Shrine, Vishnu Temple, Rama Shrine, Sheba Temple, Solomon Temple, The Tabernacle, Horseshoe Mesa, Ayer Point, Coronado Butte, Moran Point, Zuni Point, Hollenback Point, Pinal Point, Escalante Butte, Cardenas Butte, Navajo Point, Cedar Mountain, Comanche Point, Espejo Butte, Peshlakai Point, Cape Solitude, Colorado River, Little Colorado River, Nankoweap Creek, Kwagunt Creek, Malagosa Creek, Awatubi Creek Sixtymile Creek, Chuar Creek, Carbon Creek, Lava Creek, Palisades Creek, Espejo Creek, Basalt Creek, Comanche Creek, Cardenas Creek, Unkar Creek, Escalante Creek, Seventyfive Mile Creek, Papago Creek, Hance Creek, Vishnu Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Grapevine Creek, Clear Creek, Cape Solitude Trail, Beamer Trail, Tanner Trail, New Hance Trail, Tonto Trail East, Hayduke Trail, Horseshoe Mesa West Trail, Horseshoe Mesa North Trail, Horseshoe Mesa East Trail, Grandview Trail, Cape Final Trail, Cliff Spring Trail, Cape Royal Trail, Escalante Route, The Tabernacle Trail, Angel’s Window, Hartman Natural Bridge, Sockdolager Rapid, Hance Rapid, Nevills Rapid, Unkar Rapid, Lava Canyon Rapid, Sixtymile Rapid, Vista Encantada Picnic Area, Walhalla Glades Pueblo, Desert View, The Watchtower, Tusayan Ruins, Desert View Campground, numerous Riverside Campsites.

Adjacent Maps:

NW:  15′ De Motte Park, AZ
N:      15′ Nankoweap, AZ
NE:    15′ Shinumo Altar, AZ
W:     15′ Bright Angel, AZ
E:       15′ Blue Spring, AZ
SW:   15′ Tusayan, AZ
S:       15′ Grandview Point, AZ
SE:     15′ Coconino Point, AZ

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Color, Greyscale


Plain, Waterproof


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