Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find amTopo maps in stores?

Yes! Currently, select regional maps are available for purchase at the following retail locations:





Can I get a digital version of a map?

YES! All amTopo maps are available in digital format on the Avenza Maps website.  Simply download the free Avenza Maps App (Android or Apple) and then start shopping. You may visit our Apogee Mapping, Inc. Avenza Map Store to browse available maps.

Can I request a map (or maps) that is not currently available?

Certainly! As long as the map(s) being requested are located on mostly public lands, or are part of a National Park, Monument, or Wilderness Area in the western United States, we will strive to create maps that our customers want or need and will do so as quickly as possible.  Sorry, we do not accommodate map requests for urban areas or private lands.

Why are you recreating the USGS topographic maps?

We love the original 7.5 Minute USGS topographic maps, but are frustrated that they have not been updated in many cases, for several decades.  Accuracy and up-to-date trail and road information is critical when using maps for navigation, and we feel that amTopo maps provide customers with a product as familiar and trustworthy as the original USGS maps, with the added benefit of containing more accurate and up-to-date information.  We feel we aren’t replacing USGS maps – just improving the beloved format for future generations.

I noticed there is a mistake or omission on a map.  How do I report it?

We truly appreciate feedback from customers and are constantly striving to improve the accuracy of each map we produce.  Please call or email us to let us know what you think is missing or incorrect and we will make corrections as soon as possible. Because our maps are print-on-demand, we can make changes at any time, ensuring that our customers always get the most up-to-date maps possible when they place an order.

How do I fold a paper map?

We have posted the following Map Folding Guide to help you neatly fold a map that will protect it and make it small enough to place in a quart ziplock.

Can I become an amTopo reseller or an online affiliate?

Yes!  We have a generous Wholesale Program available for brick and mortar retailers, and we also have an Affiliate Program for online vendors linking directly to  Please contact us to learn more about these two programs.